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Career Development

Bayer offers wide-ranging opportunities for flexible, mobile and highly motivated employees who work well as part of a team. We also look for business acumen and a willingness to assume responsibility. In return, we offer our employees challenging assignments, increased responsibility and the latitude to shape their own work. We believe that learning is a lifelong process. This is why our employees benefit from extensive educational and training programs to encourage individual development.


Our development principles are:


  • We leverage the talent that everybody brings to Bayer, and benefit from their rich ideas, backgrounds and perspectives.
  • We expect our employees to take personal responsibility for their development.
  • We have a strong commitment to develop from within, and we hold our managers accountable for actively engaging in employee development.
  • We consider the early and ongoing identification of leadership potential and consistent development as key elements in our strategy.
  • We recognize the unique value that experts bring to Bayer by providing specific career paths and development measures.


Bayer believes that facilitating mobility within the company is an important way of enhancing personal development. Our global internal job board includes a job search that gives all employees a rapid overview of current international vacancies within the company. Every employee is free to apply for a job opportunity.

Individual growth through learning

The Human Resources department at Bayer prepares our organization to cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow. The focus is on strengthening our learning culture to ensure our future success. It offers a wide range of online, in-class and on-the-job learning opportunities to equip our employees with the right skills and capabilities to execute Bayer’s strategy.

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