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Bayer is committed to being a leading and successful global company. To reach this goal, we look for employees who are ambitious, dedicated and committed to our vision.


As a modern employer, we take care of our employees and help them find a balance between career development opportunities and personal life planning. We offer our employees a wide range of excellent career prospects around the world, a modern working environment and competitive compensation. Our working time models enable our employees to achieve a very high degree of flexibility when organizing their activities within and outside of the company.


We strive to hire the best, most talented people from around the world, and work to keep our employees as long as possible. In 2011, almost 12,000 new colleagues were hired across the globe. Among them were over 5,300 academically qualified specialists and managers, and about 5,000 graduates and interns. We invite you to become one of us as well.


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Career Development

Learning is a lifelong process. Therefore, our benefits include a wide range of educational and training programs to encourage individual development.

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Diversity and Internationality

We promote cooperation among employees from different cultural backgrounds – and: we focus on the women in our company.

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Innovation and Performance Culture

Constantly expanding our scientific and technical expertise to make our products more competitive is the only way in which we achieve our goals.

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Reward and Benefits

As a responsible employer, we offer our employees a range of programs in return for them sharing their passion and commitment with us.

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Social Protection and Responsibility

Life and society are dynamic, and therefore constantly changing. We accept this challenge by working continuously to develop measures that support our employees.

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