Tips for CV and Interview

Tips for your CV

      • Personal Data - is only necessary to write your name, address, mobile number and your e mail. As a recommendation you could add a photo of you and information about interests and hobbies
      • Objective - your professional and personal pathway is one of the most important concepts you must have on mind, in order to know if your aspirations match with what we can offer to you.
      • Professional Experience – must be included starting from the most recent position. The recruiter will evaluate if your experience is according with the profile we are sourcing, is also important the years of experience and the type of industry.
    • Academic Preparation- only write down since your college and any postgraduate education you may have. Always include the beginning and the end of each course, highlight the degree achieved starting from the most recent.
    • Clarity and professionalism - to make sure that your CV is selected from many other candidates, please write it clearly and concrete.

      Tips for the Interview

      • Be prepared to present yourself
      • Learn about the company in advance
      • Arrive at the exact time of your interview
      • Be thorough in your responses, while being concise in your wording
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