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If  you’re looking for a place to begin your career, take a look at our opportunities.


We don't have a dedicated trainee programme at present in our Country Group but we are always looking for talented individuals, so if you have recently graduated and you’re looking for a place to begin your career, Bayer might be the right choice for you.


We’re looking for people with high drive and leadership, with a strong sense of responsibility; people that question the status quo that drive change, people who are able to find areas of opportunity and establish improvements within the existing processes. We seek high potential people, who set themselves challenging goals and are looking to develop themselves in an international environment.


Bayer develops its employees through challenging objectives and multidisciplinary international projects. By these means we aim to propel the professional growth of our employees.


If you think you have what it takes to work with this great organisation, take a look at our global trainee programs and become a part of the Bayer team!


Overview on global trainee programs

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This is the place to search for jobs at Bayer Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.


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