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The Bayer Group Platform unites all services necessary for the smooth operations of the Country Group Romania/Bulgaria/Moldova. These include Human Resources, Law, Patents and Compliance, Finance and Legal Entity Controlling, Accounting Platform and Tax, Procurement, Communications, Corporate Security and Information Technologies.

The Human Resources department in the Country Group Romania/Bulgaria/Moldova is to proactively support the business in achieving their targets, by continuously providing professional HR services to all Bayer employees.



The mission of the Law, Patents and Compliance department is to provide professional and efficient solutions driven support in order to protect assets, interests and image of the company and contribute to business successes gained in full respect of all applicable of international and national laws and Group internal regulations.



The Finance and LE Controlling department prepares financial information about the Country Group that is relevant to the controlling purposes, and is directed at the management (Country Group Council) and other stakeholders. It ensures the management of financial resources, establishes relationships with banks and comprises local aspects of cash management. The Finance and LE Controlling department is also responsible to provide transparency regarding performance, financial situation and to assure accurate, efficient and timely-closing for financial reporting to Bayer headquarters.



Accounting Platform Romania/Bulgaria /AccP RoBu/ and Tax is a department which functionс in its complete version as per 01 July 2013. The Central AccP is located in Romania and has its satellite in Bulgaria. The Department is responsible for Accounting and Tax issues within the Country Group.



The Procurement facilitates the acquisition of goods and services required to meet the business needs of Bayer the Country Group Bayer Romania/Bulgaria/Moldova. Their vision is that the Procurement is an organization committed to enabling the acquisition of goods and services required by the Bayer employees in a timely manner, at the most reasonable cost, using approved methods and available know-how.



Communications means providing information about Bayer – both externally and internally.
Communication in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova Country Group supports the business through Corporate Branding and Product Brand support activities as well as through Internal and External Communication activities meant to increase the flow of information from outside world to our employees.
Communication department is central in dealing with media, providing the tools for crisis communication and ensuring daily media relations, public relations and overall external relations on behalf of the whole group.



The security of our staff and facilities has always been a high priority and tradition in Bayer. Corporate Security is responsible for an appropriate response of the company to ensure the security of our employees and is a reliable partner in regard to the protection of Bayer sites, products and know-how.



The Information Technologies department main scope is to deliver IT services to ensure proper function to the business functions and proper support to the users to perform their activities.


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